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Active Games for Teens

By: Elizabeth Grace - Updated: 25 May 2021 | comments*Discuss
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The teenage years are all about transition. Teens are no longer children but not yet adults although the choices that they make can impact them throughout their lives. When it comes to exercise, teens have a definite need for daily activity, but they aren't likely to enjoy many of the games that they played as children. Parents and educators should encourage teens to find leisure time activities that are active in nature, especially since habits established during the teen years are likely to remain for many years after.

Organised Sports

Teenagers are social creatures, so participating in team sports holds great appeal. Schools and community centres often offer a wide variety of athletic opportunities for teens, even those who are not necessarily stellar athletes. While some teens take sports very seriously, hoping to launch careers as professional athletes, most participate for fun and fitness. A quick inquiry at school can help teenagers to decide on activities that may be of interest.

Active Parties

While dancing is a given at teenage gatherings, there are other activities that can be fun and active, too. Some ideas for active teenage party games include:

Relay Races: Teens are divided into groups of equal numbers. Each team member takes a turn running a leg of the race, until one team crosses the finish line.

Tug of War: Teens are divided into two groups, attempting to create groups of approximately the same strength. A line is marked on the ground, with teams placed on opposite sides of the line. All team members grasp a long length of rope and attempt to pull the members of the opposing team across the dividing line.

Limbo: A time honoured party tradition, the limbo still reigns as the king of ice-breaking party games. Teens take turns shimmying under a long pole, being careful not to let any part of their bodies touch the pole. After each round, the pole is lowered until finally, one teen is declared the limbo champion.

Water Balloon Volleyball: Two teams of four teens each set themselves up on opposing sides of a volleyball net. Each team member holds one corner of a blanket and balloons filled with water are launched back and forth until a balloon bursts, awarding a point to the launching team. Play continues until one team reaches a score of 21.

Obstacle Course: The party host prepares in advance a series of obstacles that partygoers will attempt to manoeuvre in the fastest manner possible. The course should be challenging, with segments geared toward the age and athletic capabilities of expected participants. Ideally, obstacle courses should include challenges that require players to run, jump, climb, and lift.

Getting and Keeping Fit

Teenagers often express a great deal of concern about their appearance, so while they may not yet be paying adequate attention to the health benefits of an active lifestyle, they are certainly aware of the short term payoffs. Parents can take some comfort in knowing that although teens may choose to exercise for superficial reasons, they reap the benefits of stronger, healthier bodies nonetheless.

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